So I Have Some News…

Apparently I was a hit (or a hoot!) on TV because… The Mason-Dixon DIY Diva was offered a 6-Month Contract with WSLS10!!! WHAAAAT?!? Crazy huh!!! The next show airs on July 7, 2017 at 11am EST (on WSLS10 of course!)

You know, I always thought if I were going to be on TV (because come on, who doesn’t think about that?!), it would be on my own Reality TV Show (dream big, people! hahah) and here I am, doing a true form of a Reality Show- DIY on Live TV. Did you all know that it is LIVE? That means if I make a bad joke (or a Freudian Slip- where are my psych people at?!), there’s NO getting it back! LOL! Thanks for loving me, thanks for watching and thanks for all your sweet encouragement! YOU ARE THE REASON I do what I do!! ❤ Bobbie-jo cropped-facebook_cover1.png

The Mason-Dixon DIY Diva Got Sudsy On TV!!

Hey guys! So if you watched the show on WSLS10, I *TOTALLY *went all sudsy on TV!! 🙂 It was SO MUCH FUN and everyone at the station were wonderful and friendly! And guess what??? THEY ASKED ME BACK!! Y’all want to see another DIY?!?! Post below what natural product you would like to see “re-born” with NATURAL ingredients that are GOOD for you and your family!!! And, tell me WHY you want a NATURAL version of this product! If your idea gets chosen, I WILL MENTION YOUR NAME ON TV- WOO- INSTANT STAR STATUS!! 😉 🙂


The Mason-Dixon DIY Diva Takes TV!!!

Wow!!! So here it is, the morning of my big *debut* and I haven’t slept yet!!! I think I’m excited?! But I maaaaaay just be a teensy, tiny bit *FREAKED OUT!* hahah 🙂
Thank you WSLS10 and specifically Leslie for inviting me on the show- it wasn’t an avenue I had considered previously for my DIY classes, but how awesome is this?!?! I consider it a GIFT straight from GOD to have been offered this super fun opportunity- and not just the opportunity to show a DIY class on TV- but the opportunity I have already had and will continue to have- meeting all of you!!!!

There are SOOOO many of us that are tired of the junk in our products and have decided that enough is enough. Personally, I would rather pay now with some invested time into seeking out, making and using TRULY NATURAL PRODUCTS as opposed to paying for it later with what could potentially be my health. Nope. That’s not something I am willing to gamble on for me and my family. Are you?

My NEXT CLASS is July 22, 2017 from 2pm-4pm at St. Phillip’s Lutheran Church in Roanoke, VA. This is going to be your opportunity to MAKE YOUR OWN SOAP!! The workshop is free to attend and all are welcome! If you would like to make a soap to take home, it is $5.00 each.

Please RSVP on my FB Page called “Bobbie-jo” under Pages and then under Events. *If that is too much thinking (I’ve been there before- too busy- no time!) just slip me an email at!) before July 19th so I can guarantee that you will have your supplies ready!!! 🙂

Can I just tell you that I am already so excited to meet you?! 🙂 I taught my very first class over 20 years ago and have been teaching DIY classes for over 1.5 years. Each time we all have so much fun! I have met some of my closest friends through these DIY classes and am SO GLAD I decided to do these!!!

Ok, So I will see you in a few weeks! Until then, send me a message, say hi, and get connected with my FB page and by subscribing to my blog! I am always sharing awesome DIY tips, recipes and of course- CLASSES!!! 🙂