Who Would’ve Thought….

Have you ever started something in your life, not really sure where it would go, and then you look back awhile later and think, WOW!! Didn’t see that coming… Well, that is me with DIY classes. I started teaching them in March of 2016, and had no idea that in a little over a year’s time I would have to start LIMITING the number of participants per class. WOW! My goal in doing these classes and starting my DIY business is to help you all make choices NOW that the FUTURE YOU is going to be soooo grateful for. I’ve done the research. I know what is out there. And it’s junk. I hate the thought of people putting today’s every day products on and in their bodies, so I transitioned a bit from my career as a psychotherapist and started branching out and showing people how to empower themselves in their health. There is such a HUGE mind-body connection. Did you know that your everyday choices have a strong effect on your mind and body? And did you also know that we make THOUSANDS of such choices everyday???


Thanks to you all for loving these classes (seriously- thank you!!!)!! I have been adding on more classes and now I have set up event links for purchasing tickets for what you want to make at the classes. When the classes get really big,  I miss out on an element that I sincerely LOVE- getting to know YOU. With big class sizes, I am so busy “behind the scenes” making sure that things run smoothly so people can have fun and take home an amazing product, but I miss out on getting to interact with you all.

You will see now that all the classes will have links where you will be purchasing your products to make on Eventbrite. It is a site I have used many times for ordering in the past so I know it has a good reputation. This is going to help us streamline the getting started process at our events and will cut down on long lines 🙂 Simply show your ticket to the person at the door and they will give you the items you need for the class. There are limited quantities of tickets for each class and when they are gone, they’re gone. If you miss a class, message me on my FB page called “Bobbie-jo” and request it-I will see what I can do!

Here is the link for our class this Saturday- Deodorants and Bath Bombs at 2pm-4pm. 8115 Williamson Road Roanoke VA. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Thanks guys! Excited to get together with you all soon! ❤




Skin Tags… The 2 Cent Solution!

A friend contacted me yesterday and said, “Bobbie-jo, what do you have for skin tags?” My memory came flooding back- before I was the DIY Diva, I was (and still am by licenses and degrees) a psychotherapist. Well, there used to be a skin tag right where my necklaces would fall and remember how much it would IRRITATE me during sessions. So I realized IT HAD TO GO. But I didn’t want nasty chemicals infiltrating my body for those gross “skin tag removers” they sell at the store! So I did some research, bought a bottle of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (I recommend Bragg’s because it has ‘the mother’) and began taking dabbing the spot with a cotton ball dipped in ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) a few times per day (I literally kept my little soaked cotton ball in a container that I could easily grab). Do you know what? That thing turned red, then it turned black and then it was GONE!!! It NEVER grew back and there is NO mark where it once was.  (See pic below- NO SKIN TAG! WOOO!!!). Natural Alternatives For The Win!

Sign up for my blog for more 2 cent solutions! Talk to y’all soon! jo 2017

Hello to the World!

Hey guys! Thank you all for your sweet support on my WSLS10 DIY Show!! If you are wanting more info on the Bug Spray, just send me a message on my “Bobbie-jo” FB page  🙂                                                                                                                                                           I am working on something that is rather spectacular for our next DIY together on August 11, 2017 so set your phone notifications because you’re not going to want to miss this one!!! ❤



Annnnnd…. ACTION!

Ok guys! The votes are in and a winner has been chosen at random- tune into WSLS10 tomorrow (July 7th) at 11am EST to watch Live and find out if YOU won!!! You will also discover what we’re making- and let me tell you, it’s something you are going to NEED ASAP!!! Send me your comments or questions- but I only want the nice ones. 😉 Here are our upcoming classes:

Homemade Soap Making Class:                                                                                                    July 22nd at 2pm-4pm at 8115 Williamson Road Roanoke VA

DIY Deodorant & Bath Bombs:                                                                                                      July 22nd at 2pm-4pm at 8115 Williamson Road Roanoke VA



Would You Rather…

Hey guys! So we have to decide what DIY is next on WSLS10!!! The next segment is THIS FRIDAY (July 7th) at 11am EST! Help me decide between my top 3 choices by posting your preference on my FB post! Then WATCH THE SHOW because that is where the winner is going to be announced! Would you rather learn to make:

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Bug Spray
  3. Exfoliating Foot Scrub

I will be doing a randomized drawing for EVERYONE who comments – winner receives a DIY gift bag from yours truly! 💜