Upcoming Class Schedule With The Mason-Dixon DIY DIVA….

Hey guys! Here is a list of our upcoming Fall classes- mark your calendars because I want to see YOU!! 🙂 We always have such a great time making our all-natural goodies together. YOU are the reason I do what I do, so thank you for having fun with me and see you soon!! 🙂 ❤ 

The Mason-Dixon DIY Diva Upcoming Events:

Sept. 9th- I “Fall” for Pumpkins; 2pm-4pm (Pumpkin Spice Soap, Bath Bombs & Autumn Spice Blend Dark Chocolates) $25. for all products, snacks, information and fun!
Sept. 30th- Autumn Harvest; 2pm-4pm (making organic caramel apples, Autumn Spice Room Spray & Apple Pie and Pumpkin Wax Tarts!) $25. for all products, snacks, information and fun!
Oct. 7th- Fall Into Relaxation; 2pm-4pm (Sleepy Time Crème, “Pillow Talk” Spray, Hot Springs Bath Soak, 10 minute stress-relieving back massages from our Massage Therapist!!) $35. for all products, massages snacks, information and fun!
Oct. 21st- Halloween Treats; 2pm-4pm (Candy Corn Bath Salts, Black Spider Body Wash, Crisp Autumn Breeze Soy Candles & Halloween Pop Corn) $25. for all products, snacks, information and fun
All Classes are Held At:
8115 Williamson Road Roanoke, VA

To Get Tickets for Classes, Go to my FB Page called “Bobbie-jo”, find the event and click on the Ticket Link 😊


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Allow Me to Pull Back the Curtain…

Being a parent can be hard… but it is also a lot of fun!!! Man guys, I have so many stories for you all from my past 24 hours – my boys crack me up! Here is the latest that just happened:

I was getting ready for my DIY class tomorrow (info below!) and the kids were playing a game together (they are 5 and 4). Well the youngest one comes over to me and tells me that the oldest hit him. He claims he is innocent in all dealings- his brother just committed this treachery out of  nowhere!! I give him a kiss on his arm where he is pointing at and tell him to let his brother know that mommy wants to talk to him.

His big brother comes into the room a few minutes later, looking at me expectantly and I say, “Why did you hit your brother?”

His face goes slack and his jaw drops- he says, “Taytor told me you wanted to give me money and a trophy!!!”

Guys. I know I shouldn’t laugh at his brother’s trickery but in that moment- I crack …. crack up, I mean…. then, game face. Take care of business 🙂

*Sigh* 🙂

Now they are both back to their game, knowing they are NOT to lie OR hit each other and though there was no money or trophies involved, all is well.

I wanted to share that story with you all so you all could get a glimpse of what all goes into “behind the scenes” of party prep! 🙂

Have a great day, see you all tomorrow and remember- don’t hit, don’t lie and always try to look on the bright side of life. And when life offers an opportunity to laugh, take it 🙂  ❤

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Fall

Who doesn't love Fall?!?! The crisp scent of the leaves, pumpkin patches and for us Roanokers- the Blue Ridge Mountains- need I say more? Come celebrate the start of my favorite season by sipping some mulled cider and get your friends together to learn how to make Pumpkin Pie Body Butter, Autumn Spice Sugar Scrub and Warm Vanilla Body Perfume (or Into the Woods Cologne) with the Mason-Dixon DIY Diva (as seen on WSLS10!) Event is $25 and covers an afternoon of Fall fun, snacks, products to take home and education!


Like Mother Like Son…

As we were travelling to visit family last week, I had one of those moments. For those of you that have kids, you know *the* moment. It is the moment when you see your reflection in your children’s behavior.
When I was a kid, I had a few plans for my life. In Kindergarten I was going to be an astronaut, by the next year I had switched to storyteller ( you know- the librarian the would hold the book up and read you stories) and I would practice my technique on my always available stuffed animals. 🙂 But after 4th grade, I knew. I knew you all. I knew. I was going to be a famous singer. Obviously. It was so obvious- all the hints and clues along the way- my voice, my mojo, my love of the limelight, yes. It was all there.
…….So fast forward about 22 years and there we were – at a crowded rest stop, walking through the double doors with my 5 year old holding one hand and my 4 year old holding the other.
Like a Mother Hen, I am protectively shuffling my babies through packed entrance doors when my youngest son’s flip flop comes flying off and lands on the other side of the walkway.
In the brief seconds that follow, I see my son take a quick inventory of the crowd and the fact that they stopped and are waiting on him.
Instead of getting his shoe and moving out of the way, he sees that everyone is watching him, he looks around at the crowd and breaks into song! I’m talking arms out, belting his lyrics as though he has waited his whole life for this very moment!
As the mom of this little “show stopper”, I am caught between two feelings- one is that we need to get this shoe and get out of the way for everyone. Meanwhile the other part of me is trying not to crack up laughing as I am thinking “Yup. That’s MY boy!” 😂
……Rewinding back to 4th grade, there were a few tidbits that *may have* pointed out that I wasn’t *quite* ready for stardom- like the fact that I was chronically shy and the only limelight I ever went after was typically just the stories I made up in my imagination. 🙂
Which is why by the time 9th grade hit, I had narrowed down my career to two options – a writer for a magazine or a psychologist 🙂 By 10th grade I began taking college counseling courses. 🙂
So though I never did become an astronaut, I did become a writer, a story teller, a shower singer, and yes, a psychotherapist 🙂
Watching my son take up the gauntlet was pretty spectacular. I had to grow into my wings- but him? He already knows how to use his. ❤

Va-Va-Voom Volume!

Hey guys! The other day I shared with you all on FB Live about a volumizing hair mask and then posted a before picture of my hair with the mask on and an after picture of my hair practically floating in the clouds from all the added volume -know what’s crazy? It stayed extra-bouncy ALL day! And I was travelling, so that’s kind of amazing!

Applying the mask is kinda weird- it’s a consistency thing… And the smell is not fantastic- but it sure beats the smell of chemical products and it definitely beats out the times when I used a Mayonnaise treatment in my hair (think white, goopy, streaked and stinky hair in a shower cap-  aaaaand now you’ll never schmear that on your sandwich again! 😂) Yeah, this mask has nothing on the eggy thick mask- but I will say that my husband came into the bathroom later (I may have left the extras sitting on the sink 😉) and asked me what the awful smell was 😂

Also, don’t keep it in overnight. I know what you’re thinking – who would do that?! …. Me. So the recipe I had was an idea I adapted years ago – and it said leave on for 15 minutes (do that). But me being me said to myself, well if 15 is good, all night is better! So I left it on. Turns out it hardens. And flakes. And you end up looking like a flakey hard head-that stinks. You could call it your “honey not tonight” hair do I suppose …. 😄

I couldn’t wait to get that extra crispinesss out of my hair (after all, that is only appealing on a Southern Fried Chicken!) so washing it out was a satisfying experience!

And at the end of the day, my hair looked great. 💃It is also good to remember that more is sometimes just MORE, so stick to a normal leave-in time 🙂

Have I completely scared you or do you want the recipe?

….. For the brave! And flat-haired!

Mix 2 parts bentonite clay to equal parts water and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Apply to hair. Rinse out in FIFTEEN MINUTES. I recommend relaxing in the tub during that time…. Because you really should take time to relax- and never forget- you’re already beautiful 💙


The Mason-Dixon DIY Diva Takes the Mason-Dixon Line

Ever wonder why she calls herself the Mason-Dixon DIY Diva? Well, besides it being a super-cute name, it also shares a lot about me! You see, I am a born and raised New Yorker who had always wanted to live in the South. I moved to FL when I was 18 to finish my 2nd college degree and then moved to where I really wanted to be- Virginia- to get my 3rd and final degree (for now anyway) 😉

The Mason-Dixon Line is literally known as a line between the Northern and Southern states and then there’s me- right in the middle! Half NY/Half Virginia- which is why I say “hey guys” AND “hey y’all”.  As my husband says, I bridge the gap between the North and South 🙂

Ever since my husband and I had kids, (he is a born and raised Southern boy from head to toe …..  what can I say other than Ladies Love Country Boys 😉 ) we knew that traveling 12 hours to New York was going to be a lot on everyone. And my sister, who stayed in New York, also has young kids. So we started meeting up every year at a half way point – The Mason-Dixon Line 🙂

I am getting ready to pass that line again for another family meet up and thought it would be a great time to share with you all (you guys, y’all) a little bit of my story and how I became the Mason-Dixon DIY Diva – I have my heart in both places ❤




She’s Naturally Beautiful: 3 Ingredients to Make 4 Products!

Hey guys! So the other night I did a Facebook Live to show you all how you can basically enhance your natural beauty with all-natural products- that are probably already in your kitchen!!! I literally pulled out 3 ingredients and some makeup brushes and made some fun beauty enhancers!

So here it is: 3 ingredients to make 4 products!

  1. Organic Cocoa Powder (be warned- you WILL want a cup of cocoa while making this!!)
  2. Non-GMO Arrowroot Powder
  3. Organic Beet Root

Product 1: Brown/Tan Eye Shadow!!!

Mix together your cocoa powder and arrowroot until you find “your brown”. Get a makeup brush for your eyelids and apply (avoid eyes).

Variation: Red or Pink Eye Shadow:

Mix together your beet root powder and arrowroot until you find “your pink”. Get a makeup brush for your eyelids and apply (avoid eyes).

*Want different colors? Leave me a comment and I will see what nature’s options are!

Product 2: Blush!!!

See that beet root powder? It can also be added to the cheeks for blush- hellooooo good looking!!!

Product 3: Powder Foundation!!!

You see that cocoa powder? Yup, pick it back up. Find your color by mixing again with the arrowroot. Get your foundation brush and go to town (avoiding the eyes)!

Product 4: Dry Shampoo!!!

Ok guys, I kid you not- you see that foundation you just made? Do the same thing but mix it up to best match your hair color (blondes may not need any cocoa powder and redheads may want some beet root!). Take that combination and gently massage it onto your scalp for a little “freshening up” – great for the busy mama’s!!! ❤

And there you have it!! Some ideas on how to quickly and easily enhance your beauty. Next Facebook DIY, I will be showing you all how to get some va-va-voom VOLUME back in your hair – NATURALLY.  😉

Like what you see? Share this blog with your friends and help me spread the nontoxic LOVE! ❤ me1


How Are You Enhancing The Window to Your Soul?

They say the eyes are the window to your soul – and for good reason. Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and got an intuitive feeling about that person? If they’re kind, if they are angry, sad, happy…. The eyes share what the rest of our body has been trained by society not to. Shakira says that “hips don’t lie” but Bobbie-jo says “eyes don’t lie” 🙂 – you simply have to know how to read them. As a psychotherapist, I have been trained to do a lot of body language detecting.

As the Mason-Dixon DIY Diva, I want to help you keep those eyes and the rest of your body as healthy as possible by avoiding the junk in typical cosmetics that have a lot of controversy and debatable ingredients around them. Without naming names or companies, I will share about one I recently saw on the news, where Asbestos was reportedly found in makeup for kids. The report went so far as to say that if kids continued to use that makeup, they could be facing serious health problems (actually the researcher said death) by the ages of 30 and 40. Wow. Now that’s a problem.

So what I do in my DIY segments on TV, my blog, and at my local and international classes online, is show people how to make thier own natural products.

In the latest T.V. segment, I was asked to show how to make a natural makeup. So of course I went with the eyes- the window to the soul. ❤

Here is the recipe that I use when making my own Natural Eyeliner/Mascara.

I personally use ingredients in my natural DIY products that are organic, non-GMO and as close to toxin-free as physically possible 🙂

Natural Eyeliner/Mascera:

3/4 tsp Beeswax

1/2 tsp Coconut Oil

1/2 tsp Shea Butter

2 tsp Aloe Vera gel

*Melt ingredients with a double boiler slowly under low heat (caution: heat means hot. So be sure to keep away from children, pets, yourself etc). Once liquified, add 1/4tsp activated charcoal. Blend gently. If you want to use as a mascara, add to an empty, new tube using a funnel. To use as an eyeliner, add to container and use an eyeliner brush to apply.

**as always, use at your own risk and don’t get it in your eyes. **

Have a great Sunday you all!! 💙 If you like this recipe and found this blog helpful, share it with your friends. We can live healthier- together 🙂

❤ Bobbie-jobobbiejo



You all ready for this?!

Hey guys!! Thanks for watching today and Thank you for having me again, Daytime Blue Ridge! You all are AWESOME!!
You want to see the show??  Who wants the recipe??? This stuff works GREAT and is GOOD FOR YOU- oh, and super affordable – oh and – you should definitely come make more organic non-GMO stuff with us if you’re in the area! And if you’re not- I’m just as cute on Facebook Live!!! 😂😂😂😂❤❤❤ ❤❤cropped-facebook_cover.png


So the DIY Diva Walks into an ABC Store…

Ok so here’s a story for you guys! I have not been to an ABC Store much in my life. I’m just not much for drinking alcohol. Pass me a coffee any day! Double Espresso with Cream? Sold! However, I came across a recipe for a hand sanitizer that required Vodka. So I rolled into the parking lot in my Mom. Van, wearing what I can only hope aren’t Mom Jeans, and tried to pretend that I knew what I was doing and in there 😂 Some guys next to me- guessing they are college kids- were talking about how the bigger the bottle of alcohol, the better their time would be… (*Eye Roll*)And I was all “Mom at the ABC Store” thinking, ok which one of these bottles is cheapest? All they all made the same? Are there any organic? Non-GMO? Where’s the ingredient list? 😂

Anyway I get to the register with my little bottle of Vodka (I only needed a few tablespoons after all) and the “good time” guys are coming up behind me with their wheelbarrel load of whiskey. I am getting out my money and patiently waiting to get asked for my ID. The older gentleman ringing me out made small talk about soda taxes and beer and NEVER ASKED FOR MY ID. I mean come on, girl’s still got it!!! …. Right? ….. And that’s when this whole thing hit me and I had a run in with reality: I really DO drive a Mom Van, these probably ARE Mom Jeans, and yes, this Vodka truly IS being used for a hand sanitizer recipe. So….when was *that moment* for you? I would love to hear about it! Maybe we can share our stories and laugh because yeah, obviously, we still got it 😉