Fall and… Frazzled?

School has started, Fall weather has finally started to set in and here we are wrapped up in our cozy sweaters and……… we’re stressed. Working, running, errands, pulling over to make phone calls when we’re on the road and trying to make every square peg fit in its round hole while helping the world turn on its axis (because it couldn’t do it without us, right?). Am I speaking to anyone here?

As a therapist, I am constantly working with people on how to take care of themselves. And as a fellow human being, I am also constantly working on making sure that I take care of myself, too.

Without self- care, we are frazzled, tired, grumpy and burnt out; with it we can breathe, enjoy the beauty around us- and even look for (and see!) the beauty in situations that may not initially appear all that beautiful.

One of the things I absolutely love about my career as a therapist and the DIY Diva, is helping others. Motivating, empowering, inspiring, creating, dreaming, and going after our full potential. I love seeing people “get it” – that “ah-ha” moment when they see something in a new light that is full of hope- and that hidden vulnerability that dares to dream that life could be better. Oh, how I love that moment!

That is my heart, right there- the awakening to new life within- the realization that you have what it takes, that you are not alone, and that this life is only part of the journey- but oh what a journey! I love those raw, real moments where we can look at each other and say, this is HARD. But we can do this. That right there-that inner strength rising out of the depths. That is what my heart looks like.

This Sunday, I want to offer you a chance to relax, enjoy and maybe even dream a little. I will be teaching a class in Roanoke from 3pm-5pm that is focused on those very things- DIY, massage and relaxing. We will be making some all-natural goodness to soothe your muscles and your mind, as well as help you relax and unwind for a great night of restorative sleep. Sounds great, doesn’t it? We will have a wonderful massage therapist with us who will be offering chair massages to those who would like to participate and will be making our own relaxation products to take with us and bring the bliss to our homes. There will of course be warm, soothing beverages, calm music and aromatherapy to help rest all of our brain centers. It is all included in your ticket so you don’t have to think about anything except how to let yourself enjoy this “Calgon take me away” afternoon πŸ™‚

Ticket info: $35 for event. Covers massage, 3 DIY items- all materials provided, snacks, beverages, and relaxation tips from a professional therapist and life coach.

Fall Into Relaxation

All-inclusive ticket for class on Oct. 29th from 3pm-5pm at St. Phillip's Lutheran: 8115 Williamson Road Roanoke VA




Halloween πŸŽƒ DIY

Hey guys! Ready for some DIY?! This is one of the recipes we made at last Saturday’s Halloween DIY Class and it is a favorite of mine! I am going to divulge it to you now….

Black Spider Hand & Body Wash!

Get your Ingredients!

You will need:

*(1) 8oz foaming soap pump bottle

*1/4 Cup Castile Soap (find as organic as possible and get the ones without any scent additives – who knows what it really is! 😳)

*Natural Food Coloring- I used orange but some people at my class chose red and purples etc and they all looked fun! (Finding natural food coloring that is truly plant-derived is a tough one because I have found that 99% of them out there that say “Natural” have junk in them! 😱 Real, natural colorants are going to be pricey but are a fun DIY splurge!)

*10 drops of Essential Oils- I used a blend of Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon, Euclyptus and Rosemary and it smelled *ahhh-mazing*. This will also be good for cleansing and supporting your mood and immune system- love me some aromatherapy! 😍 (most essential oils aren’t real either so unfortunately you can’t go by the labels here either)

*Little (or big!) Fake Spiders- so fun for kids and adults alike! I put 3 in mine but you do you! πŸ˜‰

*optional: a pump of organic unfractionated coconut oil for some extra hand softening goodness

*Distilled Water

Add all ingredients except the water (do that last) to your foaming bottle. Add your water, remembering to leave room at the top for the foaming pump and some good shaking action! Screw on lid and shake it up baby *twist and shout* (if you want!) !!

Send me pictures of what yours looks like!! I want to see!! Also, remember that natural colors are rather unpredictable and you won’t necessarily match the color on the package the way artificial ones do. And keep in mind that if you try to use a powdered colorant you *could* clog your pump! Ok! Avoid your eyes and other internal areas and happy soaping!!!



The New Normal…

My oh my how things change when you become parents! My husband and I took the kids to a pumpkin patch today for some Fall fun and were meeting up with two other couples who also happened to have 2 boys around the ages of our boys. So if you’re doing the math, that is 6 boys under the age of 5! πŸ˜€ We had a blast! But a different kind of blast. Not the kind of experience that we had 10 years ago or even 5 years ago when it was about us enjoying the event and doing what we wanted when we wanted.

As my hubby and I (both psychology people) were taking in the scene of the event, we began laughing together about the differences. There were fashionable dating couples- hair in place, boots with heels, taking multiple photos of themselves and playing corn hole together while enjoying a drink and there were mama’s like me wearing back backs (or as I like it call it, the Barney Bag!) and clothes that are comfortable and ready to run – because if one of our kids gets a wild hair, we have got to book it!!

But you know what takes me back the most? This is probably because I am SUCH a social person- but – it’s the Friend Dates. I remember getting together with friends All. The. Time as a single and married woman. We would go to lunch, get coffee, hike, shop, go on day trips, get out nails done- whatever. As long as we had the funds, the sky was the limit. Before kids, I don’t remember ever being very concerned about time or housework or a list that never ended mixed with exhaustion that may or may not ever be satiated – it was simply me enjoying life, chatting and laughing, relating and bonding.

Fast forward to friend dates with 6 young kids in the mix and it looks a little like this: We meet up with a couple whom we know and like but don’t have the luxury of seeing often due to the busyness of life and another couple who are friends of our friends whom we had never met and it was essentially a ” blind friend date”.

So we find them in the crowd (just look got the moms with the back packs! 😁😁) and do introductions in the midst of two fighting kids who are arguing because one doesn’t want the other holding mommy’ hands, so they begin running in circles around me (yup- those two are mine!) and I am trying -ever-so-hard – to say hello, remember names, stop the fighting and flag down my husband so I can introduce him to the new couple and their children. Of course by the time I get my hubby’s attention (who was in the food line to get out order placed), my mind is swirling and I can hardly recall this sweet couple’s names. As we are getting seated (and by getting seated I mean running for ketchup, chasing napkins, opening waters and standing to eat because there are only enough chairs at the table for the kids), I’m kicking myself because I can’t remember their names to do intros to my husband!

So we eat and that is basically focused around napkin, ketchup and drink patrol. As we are walking toward the hayride, I am able to ask a question here or there- you know the socializing you would have done as soon as you were introduced if your kids weren’t chasing each other in circles around you and whipping your dress around in the process- and then we are on the hayride where we are holding the kids and avoiding the dust flying up in our nostrils from the lack of rain. We get off and we all scatter like leaves in the wind, following our kids to the directions they are headed to check out and find the perfect pumpkin. Back on the hayride and we drive to the front of the patch, where Rob (my hubby) pays for the pumpkins and so we aren’t lugging around 4 pumpkins along with our kids and backpacks for the rest of the day and the rest of us head off to the slides (which were super cool but dang it- I choose a dress so no slide for me). I tell Rob I will wait for him at the slides and that’s what I do- cheer the kids on and follow them around like mama duck with my eyes to make sure all is well. The other kids that are with us are a bit younger than my boys so were tiring out. We all sit down on some hay while the kids play pumpkin bowling and you can tell that all 6 of us parents are just tired. We bond some about parent life, about not having an ounce of time to ourselves and *poop* stories come up and suddenly we are all laughing about embarrassing things our kids have said and then POOF the day is done- the younger kids are wearing down and we tell each other goodbye, what a great time we had and how we want to do it again sometime.

And the thing is, it’s all true! The new couple seems super wonderful and I would love to get to know them better. But that’s the way family friend dates go- we take of things for our little people and then when our little people are tired, We call it a day before they break down from exhaustion. We talk about poop and share bits and pieces of our life broken into quick snipets of passing information and try to stay in touch so we can do it again- because we truly want to do it again.

It is a completely different season of life. It is fast-paced and kid-focused. It is wonderful and it is hectic.

Anyone else in this season of life? πŸ’œ


Pumpkins, Spice & Daytime Blue Ridge!

Hey guys! You know what? It has been SO COOL working with Daytime Blue Ridge! I have done 5 shows and every time I go through those doors, everyone is just so nice and fun- my kind of people!!

Did you see the show last Friday? I showed my absolute FAVORITE body butter recipe! It is like a ‘just layer it on and let it melt’ kind of amazingness… TRY IT! πŸ™‚

Here are 5 Reasons Why Making Your Own Body Butter is the BEST:

    1. 1. You know what’s in it! Did you know there are over 1,300 chemicals that don’t have to be listed on the label… like… serious chemicals. Crazy right?! With making your own, you can choose the best of the best for organic and raw products that will be as close to nature!
    1. 2.Petrolatum – heard of it? It is in most every product on the market. Know why? Because it’s CHEAP. Know what it does for your skin when you’re trying to moisturize? Nothing. LOL. That’s my opinion anyway… look it up and see what you think!
    1. 3. Fragrance- Hellloooooo aging skin! And headaches!! Man, I seriously wish they would ban this stuff so I wouldn’t feel so sick every time I was around people who have it on 😦 And even if you don’t feel ill from some of the stuff in conventional products, that doesn’t mean it’s not affecting you- it just means you’ve adapted to it so you don’t notice the effects taking place … until… well… think of the frog in the pot analogy…
    1. 4. All the amazing nutrients and body benefits from the coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and essential oils are getting absorbed into your skin… and your skin LOVES IT! πŸ™‚ Sooooo nourishing! I haven’t had to deal with those dry, itchy winter feet since making my own body butter…. thank you natural goodness!!!
    1. 5. It’s fun!!! What is cooler than having a fluffy, whipped, decadent body butter for you and your family that you know is good for your skin and body and smells like Fall Cinnamon Pumpkin Amazingness…. not much my friend, except for maybe watching my clip on how to make it for yourself, which you should totally do πŸ™‚ And then come to my class this Saturday to make your own Fall goodness with me πŸ™‚
    1. https://www.wsls.com/daytime-blue-ridge/diy/diy-friday-pumpkin-spice-body-butter

The Moment I became My Mother

Yesterday at around 8:30pm, my night took a twist-we had to run out and pick something up. It was that one last thing added to the list of never-ending things to do. You know what I mean? I know you do- we’ve all been there: I had planned to FINALLY relax for a minute and enjoy time with the family.

Then it turns out I have to run this errand and have to come home to clean up the major mess that caused the need for the errand in the first place! Ugh- adulting. So as I am getting dressed for this errand, I think to myself, eh, may as well go out in my “cleaning clothes.” No point changing twice! (Who has Time for that?!)

So out we go, me and my kids, to go pick this item up. As I am getting out of the van (yup, I live the mini van dream!) and walk toward my destination, it hits me: I totally made the choice to put on bright pink, oversized swishy sounding shorts and go out the door… WHAT?Β Β I made the choice to put on bright pink, oversized swishy shorts and go out the door?Β 

What is going on in the world? Did I know I was going to be around people???Β Β What am I doing???

The teenage me inside was cringing at the bright pink swishness in all their glory but the adult me realized I was just too busy to bother messing with finding something else before I had to leave. And in a swirl of memory, I think back to being a teenager and seeing my mom run out the door to the store and thinking, “How embarrassing- she wearing sweat, an oversized shirt, SLOUCH SOCKS and SNEAKERS!” As a stuck-in-my-own-world teenager, I used to think that this was *obviously* a statement of zero fashion sense or a sign of simply giving up on life, but now as I am standing in line in my neon pink shorts that are huge on me and sort of look like a big, pink hot air balloon, I realize it has nothing to do with fashion. It has nothing to do with giving up. It has everything to do with being a mom so busy providing for your family in every possible way that you don’t have time to consider your goofy “mom shorts” until you are standing in line, with a moment of quiet – when your kids are pointing at the fish in the aquarium happily and your phone isn’t going off and you’re not driving and you can actually STOP- if but for a second – and realize, I have become my mother.

… And I am totally ok with that. (Though the pink shorts are being retired ☺)

The Mason-Dixon DIY Diva: Take 5

Yup that’s right. Tomorrow marks the 5th time that I’ve been on tv. So I’m giving away $50 for my favorite natural products for you to enjoy AND a pumpkin spice goody bag- made by me- and also values at $50. So ok. I’m giving away $100 dollars. πŸ™‚ Did you enter to win? It is super easy- “Like” my Bobbie-jo page, comment on the post that has you guess which pumpkin spice flavored item we’re making tomorrow and then watch the Live show on WSLS10 tomorrow for the drawing!!

Speaking of drawings, let’s talk about them for a minute- who has ever won one before? Tell me cause I want to know- because YOU my friends- the winners of raffles- are the mystical unicorns of the world! Do you know I have NEVER won a drawing? Not on FB, not a raffle, NOTHING. Oh wait I take that back- once when I was younger- maybe in my late teens or early 20’s- I was walking through Kmart (just to age myself a little- Kmart!!) And a guy at a booth told me I won a gold bracelet but it seemed a little scammish to me, since I don’t remember putting my name in a drawing 😳  Lol. Do me a favor and avoid those kinds of winnings – if a guy at Kmart tries to give you a “gold” bracelet- just say no thanks. πŸ™‚

Oh this is bringing back the memories- I did find the “golden egg” at an Easter egg hunt. I think I was 6. And I was with my mom at a hunt in Jamesway. Ok, talk about dating yourself – JAMESWAY. Anyone elseΒ  remember that store?!

Anyway, I won a pink Energizer Bunny (yup those Energizer battery commercials: “Energizer- we’ll keep you going.”) And I’m pretty sure I got my picture in the paper with the Easter bunny. πŸ‡ But I was only 6 or so, my memory could be a little blurry on that one πŸ™‚

What have you won? I want to hear this! Funniest story gets a free $25 ticket to our next DIY class πŸ™‚

Also, I may or may not wear a gold bracelet on the show tomorrow. If I do, share the tv clip and write “Golden”. Someone will win something Golden (or at least gold colored but it will be beautiful and at least $50 dollar value to go with my “5” theme πŸ˜‰)

Ok I am super excited about this – I have the perfect gift!! 🎁

Talk to you all soon! Send me love through the screen tomorrow! WSLS10 at 11am πŸ™‚