The Moment I became My Mother

Yesterday at around 8:30pm, my night took a twist-we had to run out and pick something up. It was that one last thing added to the list of never-ending things to do. You know what I mean? I know you do- we’ve all been there: I had planned to FINALLY relax for a minute and enjoy time with the family.

Then it turns out I have to run this errand and have to come home to clean up the major mess that caused the need for the errand in the first place! Ugh- adulting. So as I am getting dressed for this errand, I think to myself, eh, may as well go out in my “cleaning clothes.” No point changing twice! (Who has Time for that?!)

So out we go, me and my kids, to go pick this item up. As I am getting out of the van (yup, I live the mini van dream!) and walk toward my destination, it hits me: I totally made the choice to put on bright pink, oversized swishy sounding shorts and go out the door… WHAT?  I made the choice to put on bright pink, oversized swishy shorts and go out the door? 

What is going on in the world? Did I know I was going to be around people???  What am I doing???

The teenage me inside was cringing at the bright pink swishness in all their glory but the adult me realized I was just too busy to bother messing with finding something else before I had to leave. And in a swirl of memory, I think back to being a teenager and seeing my mom run out the door to the store and thinking, “How embarrassing- she wearing sweat, an oversized shirt, SLOUCH SOCKS and SNEAKERS!” As a stuck-in-my-own-world teenager, I used to think that this was *obviously* a statement of zero fashion sense or a sign of simply giving up on life, but now as I am standing in line in my neon pink shorts that are huge on me and sort of look like a big, pink hot air balloon, I realize it has nothing to do with fashion. It has nothing to do with giving up. It has everything to do with being a mom so busy providing for your family in every possible way that you don’t have time to consider your goofy “mom shorts” until you are standing in line, with a moment of quiet – when your kids are pointing at the fish in the aquarium happily and your phone isn’t going off and you’re not driving and you can actually STOP- if but for a second – and realize, I have become my mother.

… And I am totally ok with that. (Though the pink shorts are being retired ☺)

One thought on “The Moment I became My Mother

  1. Yes been there done that Bobbie both my kids are grown boy do I miss those days enjoy the time you have with your little ones don’t worry about what other people think or what


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