Where Are The Good Cyber Monday Deals??

Anyone else wondering where to find the best Cyber Monday deals? I have been searching some things out on my shopping list while travelling home from a Thanksgiving visit with family – a long trip with stop and go traffic is a great time for a passenger like me to do some research – I found a few things here and there but no sales that really blew me away, you know? I’m always concerned that if I shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday that the price will get even better closer to Christmas – that has happened to me a time or two and well, it’s a bummer 😔 because I love knowing I got the best deal on the best product, you know?👍✌

That is why I have some Cyber Monday deals from the Mason-Dixon DIY Diva just for YOU!💃 If you want to hear the deals I am offering, comment below or send me a message on FB- I currently have deals for DIY classes, giveaways and some of my fave natural products – and yes- these WILL be the BEST DEALS OF THE YEAR.

Alright you all, get with me soon to cash in on Cyber Monday and don’t forget our awesome Christmas gift making class coming up on Dec 2nd – don’t miss out on either of these because I’m talking serious FOMO. Friends don’t let friends have FOMO on the good stuff! Happy Cybering!

💜 Bobbie-jo




Because DIY is PERFECT for Christmas Time!!

Mmm, I just made some natural Chrismas Time room spray for my giveaway basket and am about to put together some holiday body butter and peppermint-vanilla sugar scrub 😍

I LOVE Christmas and usually start my Christmas music marathon after Halloween til Christmas day. Then I am done – until next year 😉 I like to celebrate early and enjoy it but if I had my way, the tree would come down on Christmas day – or at least the day after! On to the new year! 🙌

Speaking of trees, let’s do a little poll:

A. I use an artificial tree

B. Real trees for me

C. I don’t put up a tree

For us, it is A. But I LOVE the smell of the woods and pine, spruce, etc! So I have a little DIY hack I am going fo share with you tonight on my FB Page on how to bring the outdoors indoors – without really bringing the outdoors indoors 😉 I am going to try to jump on around 6pm EST 😉 And I am giving what I make away, so be sure to join me this evening!

Ok! So- see you all tonight – say hi so I know you’re there- it makes Lives so much fun when you all chat with me! 😁 😘😉😄

Also, make sure you get your name in that drawing for the amaaaaaazing gift basket! Check out my FB Page called Bobbie-jo or search The Mason-Dixon DIY Diva. There’s not much time left as the winner will be announced on Live tv this Friday at 11am on WSLS10/Daytime Blue Ridge! (If you have to work, no worries, just look for the video online later!)  🎁