Life: The View From a (Mostly) Stay At Home Mom

I get up this morning and like most mornings, I start breakfast. The kids want eggs which means there will be a little fussing between the two over who gets to crack and who gets to stir. We pretty much have a routine at this point and the boys love to be little chefs in the kitchen with mom.

The kids sit down at the table to eat with a minor scuffle over who gets what chair. My youngest takes the sponge on the counter and squeezes water all over where his brother is supposed to sit. He has to get a paper towel and clean up his mess (life with kids 😊).

They are now at the table, eating and giggling about what shapes their scrambled eggs look like while I begin to brew my coffee.

My oldest holds up a bit of egg on his fork and says it looks like R2D2 (Star Wars character). My youngest laughs. I say in a silly voice “What? R2D2 is in your eggs?” They erupt in giggles. I laugh with them and think about how at the ages they are at, anything mommy says is funny. 😊

I mostly work from home but it was a progression. I am a counselor and in my field of work; I went from full-time to part-time to an appt.-only basis over the course of the past (almost) 6 years. I wasn’t ready to drop my career “cold turkey” because I loved what I did! (And do!)

I was used to working- I loved it and I was good at it- then I had kids and I loved that and was good at that too!Β  πŸ™‚ So I felt torn. It took many years, 3 degrees and a couple licenses to get where I was and where I am with my career- but at the same time, I had always wanted to be a mommy.

Did anyone else feel that pull between mommyhood and career? It was a tough battle for me! Thankfully I found my equilibriumΒ but it’s not like you just find it and suddenly life is perfectly balanced. It is a constant sway- like standing in the middle of a teter tauter (hmm- I’ve never tried spelling that so I am guessing it is totally off but stay with me here!) trying to keep each side from leaning too much one way or the other.Β  And then about 2 years ago, I came upon the idea of building my own business- (mostly) from home. It has been everything I never knew I wanted! LOL!! Most of you know me from my natural DIY classes or from TV as the Mason-Dixon DIY Diva. Have you heard the story of how this happened? I never dreamed this would be a part of my life, my story, but here I am!

I am happy to tell you how I became the part-time therapist, the Mason-Dixon DIY Diva & the (mostly!)Β  Stay At Home Mom, but my journal time – I mean blog time- is coming to a close for now we are going outside to play on this beautiful day – BUT I will tell you about this unexpected plot switch in my next post! πŸ“ͺ

πŸ’œBobbie-jo, the (mostly!) SAHM


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

Yeah, they call her the Mason-Dixon DIY Diva, the Queen of the Natural World, the Master of Organic, the Godsend of Goodness (oh, going too far? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž) but can she put her money where her mouth is… Live?

Absol-stinken-utley! If you have not been able to see me perform up front and center, then tonight is your night to preview the Guru (too far again? ☺) in action!! I am going Live tonight to show you my Top 10 DIY’s!

To get access to my only FREE class, go to my FB page (Bobbie-jo Hurt, The Mason-Dixon DIY Diva) and request to join the Top 10 DIY’s group on my page!

The Live is 7pm EST so if you want to be able to find out my most valuable DIY’s- join me! πŸ™‚

πŸ’œ Bobbie-jo (the wife, the mom and the avoided of all things laundry!)


Ask For the Ancient Paths; Ask Where the Good Way Is…

My niece once told me… “You’re so old that your Bible is an autographed copy!” Well played, dear one, well played… Though I may not be *that* old, I am old enough to know that there is something about the past. Neglect looking at it, and you may fall flat on your face as you run into the future rather blindly. My husband has a rule of thumb that if someone is over 60, he needs to listen carefully to what they share-because they “probably” know something about life that the younger generation does not. I happen to agree.

So tomorrow we are digging into the ancient of days to learn what they knew about life and see if there is anything that we can apply to our lives now.Β This is a fascinating class and I am excited to jump into the early days with you and extract natural methods that can still benefit us today!

Here is the link but I do limit class sizes, so don’t hesitate and see what you “feel” like doing tomorrow- just come and know you’re not going to regret it πŸ˜‰ We always have a great time!

❀ Bobbie-jo




This One’s For The Locals!

Hey guys!! I am getting ready to dive in to planning our February natural DIY class and I want to know… what do you all want to make?? I know it is a pain to login to WordPress to comment (Come on, WordPress, get with it- we don’t have time for that!!) so to make it super easy, just go to my FB link and send me a message or post what YOU want to make at our next class!
❀ Bobbie-jo



There’s Something About A Snow Day…


So here we are, hanging in the balance of the middle of the week, and for some of us- we are snowed in. There’s nothing like a snow day, is there? Something about it reaches into my childhood and says “Girl, you don’t gotta do nothin’ today” …. the whole day feels like a vacation from regular life. Anyone with me on this?

I spent today outside with my boys- theyΒ  love to sled! I gave pushes down the hill, replaced hats, gloves, scarves, etc. – you know, mom stuff πŸ™‚ And of course the boys know that playing in the snow means they get to come inside to a decadent treat of cocoa with marshmallows! One of my boys wanted his cocoa over ice with a hint of whipped cream and the other wanted it straight up with extra marshmallows – and my husband, well he was just thrilled that I was making him cocoa (he was working from home today! πŸ™‚ )Barista Mommy was on the job! And since I am talking beverages, I will share what I made myself: Organic Medium Roast Coffee with 1 pure cacao disk, 1 drop of Vitality Peppermint oil, and some organic cream- yummy, filled with anti-oxidants and … it’s coffeeeeeeee πŸ™‚

Then my husband and I got to do something that we did so often before life, work, children, house upkeep etc. came creeping in: we talked. We sat side by side and shared our lives with each other while the kids were (shockingly!) getting along great, playing games next to us.

Then this mommy participated in her favorite “me-time” activity. Anyone know what it is? The bath tub! Oh there is something about that nice warm water soothing those sore muscles and using a different natural DIY compilation every day. I love the scents and the knowledge that everything I am infusing into my body via my skin (your biggest organ!) is nourishing and promoting wellness.

So yeah, there’s self-care in the most literal sense- caring for yourself body and mind. But also as a mom, it is probably the quietest moment you may have in a day. And yes, the kids may pop in anywhere from one to one hundred times, and the cat might sneak in and walk the ledge of the tub, sticking her fluffy tail in your face, and your hubby might come in to use the bathroom, and then your kids will probably have to come in to use the bathroom. And you may be a little boggled because in a house that has 4 bathrooms- why do they need the one you’re in? But the good news is, the scent they leave you is like an alarm, reminding you that it is time to get out of the tub and onto the next thing… but for those few, brief mom moments in between, close your eyes, take deep breaths and think of all the good in your life and you know what? Just count your blessings. Including the dog, the cat, the family who “needs” the toilet in your bathroom…. all of it.

Happy Snow Day!

❀ Bobbie-jo

Because Everyone’s Life Should Have A Little Indulgence …

I had once heard Cleopatra referred to as the world’s first celebrity. How true is that???Thousands of years later, we are STILL speculating: What did she look like? What did she wear? And where did she get that alluring fragrance? Sounds like we’re hearing a commentary after the Golden Globes, doesn’t it?

Have you ever seen a real likeness of Cleopatra? It is interesting to me that all the actual art they have of Cleopatra… well, she was not what most people would define as beautiful. So either the Queen of the Nile had really horrible sculptors …. or perhaps her true allure came elsewhere?

Let’s imagine for a minute that Cleopatra was not the beauty portrayed by the media. Would you like to do a little experiment with me? Keep the answer to yourself, but think of the most physically unattractive person you know. Now ask yourself what would it take to make that person attractive (in a time before plastic surgery and Botox πŸ˜‰ ). I’m talking attributes and other external options – perhaps some of the finest clothing? Luxurious silks and flowing gowns? Perhaps some great makeup artistry?

Sure, maybe those would help, but that still isn’t going to work for Cleopatra if she looks even partially like those sculptures of her. But what if she had the luxury, the gowns, the make-up, jewelry and put serious effort into her personal hygiene? Having the finest of everything shipped to her. 700 donkeys for milk to soften her skin? No problem, bring ’em over. And honey, well that sweetness is a given, right? If it tastes sweet, smells sweet, surely it would make her sweet, yes? Oil of almonds to make her skin glisten in the sun? Genius. But then you could never forget her ability to implement aphrodisiacs like the oils of precious and rare plants; Sandalwood, Roses, Patchouli, Oranges, Jasmine…. they say you could smell Cleopatra coming before you could see her – and it was the ultimate compliment πŸ˜‰ Cleopatra learned how to use the resources she had to create irresistibility.

Of course, being a woman who is quite independent and (I like to think πŸ™‚ ) successful, I would never stop with looks, finery and aphrodisiacs as the secret to Cleopatra’s legacy. Oh no. This lady was wise beyond her time, using all of her intelligence, wit, imagination and cunning abilities to go after what she wanted in life. Can you imagine secretly traveling rolled up in a carpet and then having yourself unrolled before the (unknowing) Caesar of Rome…

Uh guys? That took guts. And Courage. Bravey. Confidence. Gull. Passion. Desire. Goals. Creativity. Spunk. Intelligence. And at that point you’re thinking, who cares what she looked like, this lady had it going on!

YES! You pegged it! Intelligent and sharp, she used her mental aptness, her financial means and her luxurious finery as a tool to go after what she wanted. In fact, when it looked like she was going to lose the war she had been fighting, it is said that she set her self up in a room and had a Cobra bite her. It was said that she would rather die than be captured. To admit defeat.

Putting everything else aside, this woman was driven! The energy and excitement that comes from a person who knows what they want and are going to do whatever it takes to make their dream happen – who doesn’t want to be around that person?? They are magnetic! Especially when they smell like a floating piece of paradise drifting down the Nile. πŸ˜‰

Out of her way! This woman had places to go! No wonder she is a legacy. The world’s first celebrity. There is a lot to be learned from a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.

What would your life look like if you allowed yourself to dream, to open yourself up to passion and vigor? And then to allow yourself to go after it?

Cleopatra was the epitome of get up, dress up, show up.

She showed up; she shook things up- and she is still a fascinating woman to think about, even in 2018. Go girl!

Today we would call her a trendsetter. A fashionista. Or dare I say, a Diva? πŸ™‚ And since she made her own beauty products, perhaps a DIY Diva? πŸ˜‰ Ok, too far? lol

Here is a creation of what I think one of Cleopatra’s beauty routines would look like:

The Cleopatra Milk Bath. πŸ™‚ Try it and let me know what you think πŸ˜‰ Make sure you are getting real products like Cleopatra would have used- milk from [donkeys if you have them!] cows, honey from a local bee keeper, fresh Roses and Sandalwood that is grown and distilled on a farm without chemicals. Remember, they didn’t have the junk in their products that we have to sift through now. Back then, natural actually meant natural. That isn’t the case anymore! If I can help you navigate the world of truly natural and good for you, send me a quick email saying, “Hey Diva, help me out!” : )

ENJOY! ❀ Bobbie-jo

It’s… Showtime!


Hey guys! After 7 shows in 2017, I had NO IDEA that I would be asked on to do a segment every month for ALL OF 2018! 😱 Crazy and exciting! 😊 Unless there are unforeseen circumstances, I will always be on the second Friday of every month at 11am on WSLS10 throughout all of 2018 πŸ™‚

Tomorrow starts the New Year for the show and I’m pretty excited about what I’m going to show you guys! I have so much passion on the topic, so I will have to let my inner New Yorker out andtalksuperfastsoIcangetitallin!!! πŸ™‚

I am giving away what we make on the show – so to get your name in to so win it, go to my Facebook Page at “The Mason-Dixon DIY Diva” and comment under the post with the TV on it! πŸ™‚

Also, be sure to watch tomorrow because I maaaaaay be giving away some other amazingness that I totally want for me lol πŸ™‚

“See you” all soon!

πŸ’œ Bobbie-jo

So You Want to Stop Stinking, Do You?


limesHey guys! Did you watch my FB Live yesterday? If not, go have a watch! I tested a video going around FB that has been saying that Limes rubbed on the armpits would destroy stench and you would never need to use a deodorant again… Sounds good, right? Or maybe it sounds more like an infomercial you would see on TV when listlessly flipping through channels at 2am… πŸ™‚ But if it’s on FB, it has to be true, right? …. Right? πŸ˜‰

Well it just so happened that I had a bag of limes at the house and I also have armpits, so I thought,Β let’s do it! After my shower, I grabbed my lime, sliced it in half and used one half per pit. Then as the instructions dictated, I waited around, letting the ol’ pits air dry so the limes could work their magic. Once dry, the FB post says you can proceed as usual. So I did. And the verdict did not take long to reveal itself: I STUNK!

Limes are great in water, amazing in chicken tortilla soup and filled with many health benefits- I mean, hello it’s fruit! Limes however, are not going to be myΒ  go-to for deodorant.

One thing this FB post and I did agree on wholeheartedly was that you have got to go natural with your deodorant! Warning labels for renal failure just don’t do it for me, you know? And reports of parabens found in lymph nodes under people’s arms… another reason I would prefer to go au’ natural-but not like all natural as in NOTHING. Because I do like to smell good. It’s important to me. And I like to have friends. They’re important to me too. And if I ever clear a room, I want it to be for something much more dramatic than my stinky arm pits!

Since I do like to smell like spring tulips dancing in the breeze, I will always use deodorant. I won’t, however, ever be buying said deodorant in the store. There are too many ingredients, labels and companies that I am just not comfortable with having that close to my…. well, breasts. I mean really- that’s a pretty personal area! I need to get to know you a lot – a lot a lot- like marry you- before you can get close to those gems! LOL! So why would I not have high standards for my deodorant too? The things we put on our bodies are pretty intimate when we stop to think about it. And do we even know what we’re using?? We want to look good, smell good, FEEL GOOD, but yet how many of us make sure that what we are putting on our bodies are actually worthy of beingΒ that intimate with out bodies? Remember, we absorb EVERYTHING we put on our skin…. and it goes into our bodies…. and then it either helps our bodies …. or builds up and accumulates harmful toxins…

In a few quick steps you can make enough homemade deodorant to last you quite a long time – and it will take less time than going to the store and purchasing the…. stuff…. there πŸ™‚

Bobbie-jo’s Favorite Natural Deodorant:

4 TBSP Raw, Organic, Unrefined Shea Butter

3 TBSP Raw, Organic, Unrefined Coconut Oil

*Blend together; in the summer you will probably just mix. However, in the winter you may need to warm over a double boiler

Then Add:

4 TBSP Non-GMO Arrowroot Powder

3 TBSP Baking Soda

*Combine together

Add Essential Oils that you like the smell of (you may want to avoid citrusy or spicy oils- especially if you are an armpit shaver!).

One of my favorite combinations is Sage, Lavender and a hint of Vetiver. πŸ™‚

Put your masterful, deliciously smelling combination into a glass container with a lid (in the South we are Mason jar people!) and apply as much as you need for your pits.

When I first went natural with deodorant a few years back, it was because my grandmother had died of breast cancer and there were some studies and theories between the relationship of deodorant and health concerns that I just wasn’t comfortable with.

I mixed up a batch and for the first week or so, I had to reapply often because I STANK (think onions meets body odor- yeah, nasty!). I was reapplying every few hours and I remember thinking, I can’t go on like this- I have things to do with my life besides applying deodorant!! But I stuck with it and after about a week, that part was over. I had come to realize that was actually my body detoxing the junk out of my arm pits. Now I can apply my deodorant as usual and go on with my day.

So don’t give up when you get started. Keep a little container in your purse or brief case etc. that you can easily toss more on if you detox- and if you do, be glad!!! The junk is coming out!!!! Don’t give up- it won’t be onions forever – before you know it, you will be back to smelling like those spring tulips wafting in the light breeze…. πŸ™‚

And it is so worth it.

❀ Bobbie-jo

I get by with a little help from my friends

So as I am going about a typical day in the life of Bobbie-jo: kids, work, clean, repeat ☺, I come across a post made by someone who has attended a few of my DIY classes. Her post was about her cousins: Tragedy struck and a parent’s worst fears in this life became this couple’s waking reality. How my heart goes out to them!!! πŸ’” Sounds like there was a fire and their 2 young children did not survive. 😒 There is no appropriate “emoji” or wordsΒ  for something of this magnitude; all we can do is be there…

Be a community that cares.

So that is why for anyone who comes to the class tomorrow at 10am at St. Phillip’s Lutheran (8115 Williamson Road Roanoke VA) and brings items off this list for the family will receive a half price ticket for our next class!!!!

If you cannot make it tomorrow, you can still give what you have- there is an email address below where you can get in touch and lend support.

So that being said, here is the information:

If you would like to donate to the parents of the babies that lost their lives in the fire this past weekend, below is what’s needed. They lost everything including their two young children. At this point I’m not sure what my cousin is in need of. Thank you for your generosity and support.

If you would like to donate non-perishable food items, toiletries or gently used clothing please contact

Sizes below:
Misses shirt-L, Misses Jeans-5 to a 9, Womens shoes-7, Womens sweatsuit -L Womens socks 9-11
Men’s shirt-L, Men’s jeans -32×32 , Men’s shoes-11 Men’s sweatsuit -L Men’s socks -9-11


Thank you for stopping your busy lives to invest in the people around you- people you may not know, may not ever know, but your support is going to touch lives. And kindness always leaves a ripple effect bigger than anything we gave or did.

πŸ’œ Bobbie-jo