Month: January 2018

So You Want to Stop Stinking, Do You?

  Hey guys! Did you watch my FB Live yesterday? If not, go have a watch! I tested a video going around FB that has been saying that Limes rubbed on the armpits would destroy stench and you would never need to use a…

I get by with a little help from my friends

So as I am going about a typical day in the life of Bobbie-jo: kids, work, clean, repeat ☺, I come across a post made by someone who has attended a few of my DIY classes. Her post was about her cousins: Tragedy struck…

Hello and Happy New Year!

We all know New Year’s is the time when (most of us) set goals. We also know that around Jan. 10th (most of us) say “forget that” and pick up that donut, cigarette, or whatever it is that we have an unhealthy relationship with…….

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