I have a DIY for you- and some news!!

Everything feels better after a bath, am I right? Well let me tell you what I learned (well remembered) the hard way today…. Grapefruit Essential Oil: I love it for MANY things, but throwing a ton of drops in the tub, is NOT one of them! I feel a little “stingy” – I imagine this is how a jellyfish feels 24/7 lol

BUT let me share a fantastic soak with you- sans grapefruit! 🙂 Ok mixologists, are you ready? Grab equal parts Epsom salts, some pink Himalayan salts and a bit o’ baking soda. Add to it some Lavender and Lemongrass, maybe a little Sage if you’re feeling crazy 😉 Make sure this is a lid on this and shake it but don’t break it! (Creepy memory LOL: My dad used to go around the house and sing to my mom “Shake it but don’t break it; took your mama 9 months to make it…” Can we all just have a big EWW moment for the kid inside and then a sappy AWWW moment for how much they loved – and still love- each other? 🙂 ) ANYWAY- enjoy that Spring-scented soak!! Who is ready for Spring?? Me! (Minus the allergies but I am grateful that I FINALLY found something that gives them a big ol’ KO!)

So I have to tell you TWO more things!

  1. Roanokers- DIY class tomorrow!!! Send me a message for the deets!
  2. I started a DIY group on FB– for people who want to learn MORE DIY!!! Just click join! I do a Live DIY weekly and post recipes! I am putting the link below so you don’t miss out!!



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