About Me

10 years ago, I found my fairy tale Prince Charming- a “Southern Boy” who followed me around graduate school singing to me (crooning, really, because he can’t actually carry a tune)and wooing me with long walks, longer talks and even longer drives across the country to see me during school breaks. Fairy tales do exist and I am still living mine… they just don’t look *exactly* like the Disney version 🙂 I am still very much in love with my husband. The twist is that I now live on the family mountain (didn’t see that coming lol). We have two young children (so, we are NEVER bored!) and we have been a multi-family home for almost 6 years. Meaning my mother-in-law lives in the same house with me. Meaning I have some great stories and even better coping skills hahah  🙂

When I’m not with my kiddos, MIL, hubby, dog, cats or with in-laws that live on either side of me on the mountain (I’m telling you, I should have a sitcom 🙂 ), I am a mental health and substance abuse therapist.  So basically, people pay me to talk to them lol. But since people come to me to get help when life is overwhelming, I’d better know how to do something more than shoot the breeze, right? lol I think that is a common therapy misconception. Lives don’t change by shooting the breeze. If they did, your neighbors could help you walk through the depression, anxiety, addictions, etc. I work with people on real life change and how to have peace of mind in a crazy world. 🙂

In all seriousness (though joking is essential), I love helping people overcome life obstacles and blockades and it tickles my fancy to see people become empowered and excited about life once again 🙂 I truly love what I do.

I love to write. I hope you love to read it! If you do, we could totally be friends because I write everything out just like I’m talking to you. 🙂

I am also known as the Mason-Dixon DIY Diva. Long story short, it all came about when I started to get soooo sick from unnatural chemicals! When I figured out what was going on inside our bodies physically and how it affects our mental state when we use toxic junk, well, I became the Mason-Dixon DIY Diva and took the show on the road! For the past 3 years I have taught on herbs and oils for wellness and how to make your own truly natural products.

I don’t mind public speaking – oh who am I kidding, I love the lime light! LOL! I would rather talk to a huge crowd of people than fold laundry ANY DAY (just ask my husband-the laundry is never folded!)

I love research and psychology and laughing and loyalty and helping others and truth and run-on sentences and annoying people with grammar errors even though I minored in English and tutored college students in English, writing, psychology, etc.

I still love starting my sentences with “And” and “But”… it just feels cozier, more connected and more relatable. Besides, who doesn’t love the word but? 🙂

I have a Natural DIY TV series that airs on our local morning news show, teaching others how to make their own natural products (yeah, they twisted my arm and asked me to be on the show) 🙂 It’s been almost 2 years of TV. Being a Diva is a wild ride but sure is a lot of fun 😉

I am in diving into a few projects right now and one of them is coming out with the Diva’s Christmas gift-giving recipe book, so stay tuned 🙂 I am super-excited about it! And if you don’t love Christmas, DIY or gift-giving, you probably need therapy. But don’t worry, I know a guy (girl actually) 😉

❤ Bobbie-jo