10 years ago, I married myself a “Southern Boy” (it’s true- ladies love country boys! 😉 ) and now live on the family mountain (didn’t see that coming lol) in the Blue Ridge area. We have two young children (so, we are NEVER bored!). People pay me to talk to them, so that’s cool. You can pay me to talk to you, too, if you want 🙂 (I am a licensed therapist and substance abuse counselor, so I better know how to do something more than shoot the breeze, right? lol).
I LOVE natural living! And it all came about because I started to get soooo sick from unnatural chemicals! When I figured out what was going on to me and inside our bodies when we used that junk, well, I became the Mason-Dixon DIY Diva and took the show on the road! I teach a lot of classes on how to make your own truly natural products. I don’t mind public speaking – oh who am I kidding, I love the lime light! LOL! I would rather talk to a huge crowd of people than fold laundry ANY DAY (just ask my husband!)
I love research and psychology and laughing and truth.
I have a Natural DIY TV series that airs on our local morning show, teaching others how to make their own natural products (yeah, they twisted my arm and asked me to be on the show) 🙂 Being a Diva is a wild ride but sure is a lot of fun 😉 Come visit me sometime at a class in-person or on FB (I look the same either way except in one, I am wearing jammies). Would love to meet you and get our DIY on!
❤ Bobbie-jo