So You Want to Stop Stinking, Do You?


limesHey guys! Did you watch my FB Live yesterday? If not, go have a watch! I tested a video going around FB that has been saying that Limes rubbed on the armpits would destroy stench and you would never need to use a deodorant again… Sounds good, right? Or maybe it sounds more like an infomercial you would see on TV when listlessly flipping through channels at 2am… πŸ™‚ But if it’s on FB, it has to be true, right? …. Right? πŸ˜‰

Well it just so happened that I had a bag of limes at the house and I also have armpits, so I thought,Β let’s do it! After my shower, I grabbed my lime, sliced it in half and used one half per pit. Then as the instructions dictated, I waited around, letting the ol’ pits air dry so the limes could work their magic. Once dry, the FB post says you can proceed as usual. So I did. And the verdict did not take long to reveal itself: I STUNK!

Limes are great in water, amazing in chicken tortilla soup and filled with many health benefits- I mean, hello it’s fruit! Limes however, are not going to be myΒ  go-to for deodorant.

One thing this FB post and I did agree on wholeheartedly was that you have got to go natural with your deodorant! Warning labels for renal failure just don’t do it for me, you know? And reports of parabens found in lymph nodes under people’s arms… another reason I would prefer to go au’ natural-but not like all natural as in NOTHING. Because I do like to smell good. It’s important to me. And I like to have friends. They’re important to me too. And if I ever clear a room, I want it to be for something much more dramatic than my stinky arm pits!

Since I do like to smell like spring tulips dancing in the breeze, I will always use deodorant. I won’t, however, ever be buying said deodorant in the store. There are too many ingredients, labels and companies that I am just not comfortable with having that close to my…. well, breasts. I mean really- that’s a pretty personal area! I need to get to know you a lot – a lot a lot- like marry you- before you can get close to those gems! LOL! So why would I not have high standards for my deodorant too? The things we put on our bodies are pretty intimate when we stop to think about it. And do we even know what we’re using?? We want to look good, smell good, FEEL GOOD, but yet how many of us make sure that what we are putting on our bodies are actually worthy of beingΒ that intimate with out bodies? Remember, we absorb EVERYTHING we put on our skin…. and it goes into our bodies…. and then it either helps our bodies …. or builds up and accumulates harmful toxins…

In a few quick steps you can make enough homemade deodorant to last you quite a long time – and it will take less time than going to the store and purchasing the…. stuff…. there πŸ™‚

Bobbie-jo’s Favorite Natural Deodorant:

4 TBSP Raw, Organic, Unrefined Shea Butter

3 TBSP Raw, Organic, Unrefined Coconut Oil

*Blend together; in the summer you will probably just mix. However, in the winter you may need to warm over a double boiler

Then Add:

4 TBSP Non-GMO Arrowroot Powder

3 TBSP Baking Soda

*Combine together

Add Essential Oils that you like the smell of (you may want to avoid citrusy or spicy oils- especially if you are an armpit shaver!).

One of my favorite combinations is Sage, Lavender and a hint of Vetiver. πŸ™‚

Put your masterful, deliciously smelling combination into a glass container with a lid (in the South we are Mason jar people!) and apply as much as you need for your pits.

When I first went natural with deodorant a few years back, it was because my grandmother had died of breast cancer and there were some studies and theories between the relationship of deodorant and health concerns that I just wasn’t comfortable with.

I mixed up a batch and for the first week or so, I had to reapply often because I STANK (think onions meets body odor- yeah, nasty!). I was reapplying every few hours and I remember thinking, I can’t go on like this- I have things to do with my life besides applying deodorant!! But I stuck with it and after about a week, that part was over. I had come to realize that was actually my body detoxing the junk out of my arm pits. Now I can apply my deodorant as usual and go on with my day.

So don’t give up when you get started. Keep a little container in your purse or brief case etc. that you can easily toss more on if you detox- and if you do, be glad!!! The junk is coming out!!!! Don’t give up- it won’t be onions forever – before you know it, you will be back to smelling like those spring tulips wafting in the light breeze…. πŸ™‚

And it is so worth it.

❀ Bobbie-jo

I get by with a little help from my friends

So as I am going about a typical day in the life of Bobbie-jo: kids, work, clean, repeat ☺, I come across a post made by someone who has attended a few of my DIY classes. Her post was about her cousins: Tragedy struck and a parent’s worst fears in this life became this couple’s waking reality. How my heart goes out to them!!! πŸ’” Sounds like there was a fire and their 2 young children did not survive. 😒 There is no appropriate “emoji” or wordsΒ  for something of this magnitude; all we can do is be there…

Be a community that cares.

So that is why for anyone who comes to the class tomorrow at 10am at St. Phillip’s Lutheran (8115 Williamson Road Roanoke VA) and brings items off this list for the family will receive a half price ticket for our next class!!!!

If you cannot make it tomorrow, you can still give what you have- there is an email address below where you can get in touch and lend support.

So that being said, here is the information:

If you would like to donate to the parents of the babies that lost their lives in the fire this past weekend, below is what’s needed. They lost everything including their two young children. At this point I’m not sure what my cousin is in need of. Thank you for your generosity and support.

If you would like to donate non-perishable food items, toiletries or gently used clothing please contact

Sizes below:
Misses shirt-L, Misses Jeans-5 to a 9, Womens shoes-7, Womens sweatsuit -L Womens socks 9-11
Men’s shirt-L, Men’s jeans -32×32 , Men’s shoes-11 Men’s sweatsuit -L Men’s socks -9-11


Thank you for stopping your busy lives to invest in the people around you- people you may not know, may not ever know, but your support is going to touch lives. And kindness always leaves a ripple effect bigger than anything we gave or did.

πŸ’œ Bobbie-jo

Hello and Happy New Year!

We all know New Year’s is the time when (most of us) set goals. We also know that around Jan. 10th (most of us) say “forget that” and pick up that donut, cigarette, or whatever it is that we have an unhealthy relationship with….
Well… What if we could help each other so that didn’t happen?
On Jan. 6th in Roanoke (St. Phillip’s Lutheran-Β 8115 Williamson Road) at 10am, that is exactly what we will be doing – creating wellness plans with a local wellness advocate on how to feel our best this year. If you need to break a habit, pick up a good one, or if you would like to have more get up and go, better slumber, and a happier day, maybe this is for you?
You can find the event page for more info on my Facebook page: Bobbie-jo, The Mason-Dixon DIY Diva.
Looking forward to seeing you reach your highest potential and move closer to the person you want to be! :)Sincerely,

New Year, New YOU


AH, the New Year. How has 2017 treated you? Are you sad to see it go? Or are you happy to watch it leave?

As many bands have revised this song, the words still ring true – and that is, we “turn the page”. For many of us, the New Year feels like a fresh new page in a journal or a white blanket of snow covering the Ick of yesterday. So whether you want to turn the page or not, one thing is certain: the page will turn. I think it was Robert Frost who said that what he learned about life could be summarized in 3 words: Life goes on.

The New Year is such a great time to sit back and evaluate your life- what went well? What didn’t? What are you pleased with? What do you wish you did differently?

What do you want to keep the same? What new things would you like to implement?

Is the path you are currently on taking you to where you want to be? I remember a quote from an ancient philosopher back in my Sophomore year of college (Socrates maybe?) That said, “The life unexamined is not with living.”

For those of you who know me to my core, I am fun-loving, kind and a deep thinker. I believe a shallow life is a rather purposeless life and it is way too easy to get caught up in the ‘glitz and glam’ and the constant entertainment of life and forgot that there is so much more… That matters more.

We will be having a New Year, New YOU class on Jan. 6th at St. Phillip’s Lutheran at 10am-12pm (Lord help me, it’s a morning class!! 😱) and though we are not going as deep as Socrates (unless you want to πŸ˜‰) we will be looking at ways to help you make this your best year yet- perhaps you would like to feel better, have more energy, less icky moods, drop a few pounds or learn how to enjoy life as it is, we got your back. We will be helping you create your own personalized wellness plan as well as offering coaching support throughout the year- so your goals don’t fizzle faster than the glitter on the ball drop!

As my gift to you, I have absorbed the Eventbrite fees the company charges for this event – so there is no excuse (unless you’re just looking for one…) As to why you cannot be there πŸ™‚ We have comfy chairs, friendly atmosphere, we don’t judge and we practice kindness – oh – and we always – always – have great snacks 😊

See you soon πŸ’œ Bobbie-jo

For event info and tickets:

The Twilight Zone

Anyone just hit an instant “twilight zone” after Christmas? 98% of my time I work from home- quite productively. Today however, I sat in the twilight zone. And I mean sat. Literally sat. Most all day. The kids played with their Christmas toys, Grammy rested and there I was, in my jammies, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, shifting through candies in my stocking, scrolling through my phone, reading, dozing…. Looking at the Christmas presents scattered on the floor and knowing somewhere deep down, I gotta get to that. But not today. No. Today is for chocolate truffles and fuzzy blankets. That’s what happens in the twilight zone. The next thing you know, the day is at a close and as you prepare for bed and you wonder if you will find your way out of the twilight zone tomorrow? Or if you even want to? πŸ™‚Β 20171225_140006


“Me Time”

I can’t believe it… But I did this. The past few days have been great- lots of time being with my kiddos- which is great. Truly! πŸ™‚ But today mama was really needing a breather. You see, the babysitter has been sick πŸ˜• and the hunny bunny works loooong days and well into the nightΒ  πŸŒ™ and that leaves me and the kids. All day. Which is great. Did I say that already? Lol But today for whatever reason, my oldest was being super clingy to mommy- like he didn’t want to miss out on anything I might do-Β  any movement, sneeze, or the slightest stretch- he had to have a front row seat to it all.Β  “Whatcha doing?” … “Where are you going?”

…. I walk into the bathroom and I hear him at the door (along with the cat dog who are trying to get in as well) saying, “Mommy, I want to give you another hug!” Very, very sweet. πŸ’œ

But by the time I got the kids to bed, I Just needed a breather. Because though I LOVE my kids more than life, and though I thoroughly enjoy being with and around people, I have to come up for air! πŸ™‚

So needless to say, I needed a mommy moment. But I also have a never-ending list of to-do’s…. So my “me time” was spent scrubbing the bathroom – in silence πŸ™‚ … And I liked it! πŸ˜‰ The only sound coming in was my hubby snoring in the next room (he cuts serious logs!)

… But I did something else besides just clean; something I have been wanting to do and finally did in the bathroom- I got rid of ALL the stuff I don’t use! Ahhh, Serenity! 😍

Clutter stresses me out. 😳 Too much “stuff” makes me feel closed in. I like wide open spaces- I’m a country girl after allΒ  πŸ™‚ It felt Soooo good throwing out all the things I no longer use!

Ever since I switched to all-natural living, I literally have ONE cleaner for my ENTIRE house – because it’s all I need! And I don’t need 54,982 make-up and beauty products because I found what works and what is good for me so I can happily say “see ya!” to the rest!

My space is clear, my mind is clear and I am totally writing this from the tub at 3am πŸ™‚ (someone had to test out the sparkling tub so I took one for the team πŸ˜‰)

Here is a little holiday advice from the DIY Diva: ditch what you don’t need, don’t use and what isn’t good for you!

Keep it simple. Peace of mind. Health. Family. πŸ’œ

Merry Christmas!!!


Make Your Own Christmas Gifts!

Wondering what in the world to give to your friends this Christmas? Or maybe to the mailperson? No matter how big or small a part a person may play on the stage of your life, you still want to give them something to let them know you appreciate them. Right?

To me, Christmas is a season of love and giving and remembering the true meaning of our existence – which I believe is about loving God and others. We live in a pretty self-centered society- with a “me first” mentality; look no further than rush hour traffic to see if you agree. People forget that the other people are people too. That is why I personally value Christmas and gift giving. To me it says, “I see you. And you matter to me.”

It doesn’t have to be a huge, expensive gift. In fact, the best ones usually aren’t. Gifts that come from the heart are the things we end up treasuring most, like the Grinch ornament that my husband gave me on our 9th anniversary this year- it was the first Christmas movie he ever watched with me and he never really watched Christmas movies until me, so you can see why it’s special that he remembered that all these years later (major husband points!). ❀

I like to – and try to!- keep it simple around the holidays. In general I would describe my style as simple yet elegant. And that is definitely true of my DIY as well. I keep it simple but it is also classy in that I use only the best ingredients for my DIY’s. My DIY’s are not ingredients from a sale rack – they are researched ingredients that I believe have the best nutrients for your body and mind.

So for the show today with WSLS10, I went over how to make your most basic sugar scrub. My general rule of thumb for sugar scrubs is this: 2 parts solid to 1 part liquid.

Let me show you a few easy ways that you can change up a sugar scrub:

  1. Switch to Organic, non-GMO Brown Sugar in your recipe- or go half and half! Mmm something about brown sugar always says “Cookies” to me πŸ™‚ Add some vanilla extract and ahhhh, hello Sugar Cookie Scrub.
  2. Make it a foot scrub! How? Simple. Add some Epsom Salt and Sea Salt to your sugar for extra exfoliation on your dry skin.
  3. Change the essential oil! Want to relax? Lavender. Sore muscles? Wintergreen. Need a morning wake up? Lemon! The sugar scrub base really is so versatile- I love doing a Peppermint Fresh Foot Scrub near St. Patrick’s Day!
  4. Turn it into a lip scrub! How? Put it into a smaller container! LOL! πŸ™‚Β  You can also switch out the coconut oil to almond oil and add a bit ‘o honey for some extra sweet and soft lips πŸ˜‰
  5. Try different combinations! Keeping that 2 parts solid to 1 part liquid ratio, experiment! Jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil, wheat germ oil, raw sugar, brown sugar, orange essential oil, spearmint essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil – the options are endless!

If you would like to receive some of my favorite scrub combinations, send a FB message to the Mason-Dixon DIY Diva with your email included and I will send my favorite combinations to you for free- my gift to you! Just tell me which ones you try and what you think! πŸ™‚

Have a Holly, Jolly, Christmas!

❀ Bobbie-jo

christmas pic



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